January 2012 Part 1

We headed up to see the Elk at Hardware Ranch. Didn't do a ride, just checked em out. Jan022012_0027 Jan022012_0029 And happened to capture one of my most favorite photos of the 3 of us Jan022012_0030 We also went bowling. Remy's first time, and she loved it. Jan022012_0032 Jan022012_0035 Walked on the frozen Hyrum Reservoir. Remy was in heaven. And it ended up being such a beautiful evening. Jan052012_0007 Jan052012_0009 Jan052012_0010 Jan052012_0011bw Jan052012_0013 Jan052012_0014 Jan052012_0039

December and Christmas 2011

A very small December and Christmas post... I didn't take very many pictures, and I'm kinda sad about it. Oh well, at least I have a few! A holiday dinner and watching movies in mama's bed:


Making awesome gingerbread houses at Jane's house December-2 December-3

Christmas eve party with cousins December-4

My cute dad and his wife Gaye bDec242011_3095

Talent sharing and my dad's testimony to the grandkids December-5

Acting out the nativity. Remy was determined to hit Samuel the Lamanite with a tinfoil ball. December-6

Christmas eve jammies bDec242011_3166

Christmas morning, Remy could have cared less about all of her presents...she just wanted some CEREAL!!! Then she was happy and excited about things.
bDec252011_3044 bDec252011_3045

A video of Remy singing I am A Child of God as her talent during our Christmas eve party:

And there you have it. Happy December, in May!

November 2011 in one BIG blog post

So this is one big blog post for the whole month of November. I didn't take a ton of photos, but here are a few that I did take. November 5, 2011--It was a hot cocoa morning for sure! Don't you love those owl mugs?


First big snowfall of the year: bNov052011_2699 Untitled 1 bNov052011_2702 November 7--Kitty fits in my hat and Remy still loves her baby! Untitled-2 November 8--little miss sunshine bNov082011_2896 

And then 5 days after the snow storm (November 10) it looks like this, and we're raking leaves again...

Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6

November 13-- Gettin' ready for church bNov132011_2880

November 14 -- We love Great Harvest dates bNov132011_2878

November 18 - Remy moved into a big bed and received some new stuff for her room, so we rearranged a bit. Here's what it looks like now: bNov182011_2824 bNov182011_2823 bNov182011_2825 bNov182011_2829 bNov182011_2830

November 20 - shimmery garland = crazed kitty bNov202011_2797 bNov202011_2798 bNov202011_2804 Untitled-7

November 21 - New kitchen table! bNov212011_3008

November 24 - Thanksgiving bNov242011_2934

Couple self-portrait bNov242011_2940

November 25 - Up in Idaho @ the farm for Thanksgiving weekend Untitled-8 bNov262011_2912 bNov262011_2915 bNov262011_2980 bNov262011_2983

November 29 - One of my most favorite shots of Hyrum Reservoir. Too bad I only had my iPhone. Wish I could have captured this with my big camera! bNov292011_2970 Aaaaaand that's it for November....